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  1. I upgraded by system and started receiving the above error when doing a Physically based rendering walk-thru at 4K. The solution is: NVidia Control Panel->3d Settings->adjust image settings Move slider to left (Performance).
  2. I did a temporary solution by putting elevation points on the intruding landscape 6” below the basement floor. When I try to use an elevation region the intruding landscape just moves around the region, even if the region goes from wall to wall. I confirmed that “no room definition” was not checked. There is a railing on one side of the porch above with an arch beside it. I’m thinking that the railing is letting the terrain through.
  3. Can you change a wall type from exterior to interior? I added a covered porch to my model with a safe room beneath, and grass is now growing in my safe room in the basement. It looks like the terrain builder thinks the safe room is external, and the program tries to put grass in there. The walls are all connected. I'm trying not to have to redraw the walls.
  4. The reset worked. The program was not displaying the browser when I used Ctrl l, the menu View ->Library Browser, or the Toolbar Library Browser. Cntrl L was updating the tool bar with the check box, but the browser was not displaying. Thanks for the quick response...
  5. I just installed the update to Home Designer Pro 2021 Build Now my library browser does not work. I tried Ctrl L, Browse Library in the menu, and Browse library from the tool bar. It looks like the tool palette does not work either. I rebooted, and I also tried a new blank plan. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Make sure you are doing your conversions properly. I did a check on flooring for a 10x10 house with 5" planks, and HDPro came up with 195 feet of flooring. I was looking for 81 SF by looking at internal dimensions. 195* 12 = 2340 lineal inches 2340*5 = 11700 square inches 11700/144 square inches/square foot = 81.25 square feet. I think that the numbers HD pro calculates are probably good.
  7. How does the update from Material Master work with each of the three selections in the Preferences->Material list->Report Style Panel? What fields determine a match?