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  1. Westhousing

    Head Clearance on Stairs

    Hello, Is there a way to measure the head clearance on a stair case? I need my opening on the 2nd story to be as small as possible but need to make sure the head clearance is enough for code. Any suggestion on how to get this measurement? Thanks! Home Designer Pro 10 100 N. 5Th St..plan
  2. Westhousing

    Rebuilt Exterior Walls to Fit Foundation

    Hello, I had to move a few of my foundations walls and now my exterior layer of my exterior walls on my floorplan are not lining up with the outside of the foundation walls. Is there a way to rebuild all exterior walls to meet the foundation walls? Or is this something that must be done manually? Thanks for any help!!
  3. Westhousing

    Save as PDF Issue

    Hello, I'm having an issue when trying to save my layout as a pdf. My layout looks so clear on my screen, my lines and text are so sharp, but when I go to print - Chief Architect Save as PDF and open the generated PDF, the lines are thick and blurry. I've tried setting the DPI to the maximum, but this still happens. Any way to save as a PDF with the clear, sharp lines that I see when working in my layout? Thanks so much for any help!
  4. Westhousing

    PDF Conversion

    Hello, I am having this same issue. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? My lines looks so clear and sharp but when I save as pdf through "Chief Architect save as PDF" the lines look blurry and the text is not sharp. Even when I change the DPI to the maximum setting. I just contacted technical support as well.
  5. Westhousing

    Foundation Issue

    I've updated my signature. Thanks. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2019
  6. Westhousing

    Foundation Issue

    I'm having an issue where my foundation auto-generated vertical footings under my garage floor. I have vertical footings turned off, but they still appear. You can see them on the side and rear view of my plan. Also on the rear view of my plan, there are little marks on each side about half way up, is there a way to remove those? I'm not even sure what they are. I've included pictures of my issues. Thanks so much for any help!