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    Problems duplicating roof in photo

    Thank you for the tip of looking on YouTube. I found this video that answered nearly all of my roof questions. I will use the techniques I learned here and see if I still need help. Re: the Material Painter, I tried a couple of the modes but didn't get the result I was hoping for. I apparently wasn't using them correctly and will try again.
  2. melrowgo

    Problems duplicating roof in photo

    Yes, I've reviewed many/most of the training resources mentioned above. Perhaps I'm not asking my question properly. As you can see in the screenshot, the peak over the left portion of the house is appearing as a hip rather than gable. When I make the front wall of the house (common with porch wall) a Full Gable wall, nothing happens. When I make the front wall of the porch Full Gable, the entire porch roof becomes a high gable. I must not be designating the correct wall or section as a gable vs hip roof because I cannot make it work as I want it. Regarding the shed dormer over the garage, the dormers I've created are small and gabled. I have not learned how to make a shed dormer with the version I'm using. Perhaps I just haven't found that tutorial yet. When I click on the roof section over the porch to change it, I tried using Material Painter to change the roof on that section only. Unfortunately, it changed ALL of the roof to the metal roof. How to I segregate the portion to be changed to just a certain area? If I am asking too basic of questions in this forum, I apologize. Just trying to figure out a few things. Thx
  3. melrowgo

    Problems duplicating roof in photo

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. While I didn't include the info as a signature (good idea), I did mention the info you suggested in my post. I am running Home Designer Architect 2019. I don't have any other designation on the software; that's what it shows in the About and what was listed on my invoice. Regarding the help resources, I have spent quite a bit of time with the Help system, Getting Started (ran through the tutorial, too), and the Knowledge Base. I have not looked at YouTube. There is a lot of information through which to sift, and I've culled through as much as time has allowed. In each case, it seems that one needs to know how to pose the inquiry or question to get information to pertain to the specific issue, and either I wasn't posing it properly or the results I found pertained to a different version that the one I'm using. I thought it might be best just to post here since this community has a lot of experience and seems very willing to assist.
  4. melrowgo

    Problems duplicating roof in photo

    The attached photo is of a home I saw recently, and its various roof lines and dormers intrigued me. As a training tool, I have been trying to duplicate it. I have created the overall gable roof and the small gable bump out in the front (see attached), but I cannot seem to figure out how to make the rest work. Specifically: splitting the large gable roof front-to-back so that the garage roof is set back from the main portion of the house creating the gable feature over the left half of the house with perpendicular shed roof over the porch creating a shed dormer over the garage changing the roof type of both dormers to metal As a minor thing, I'm also seeing two tiny sections of what looks to be the roof sheathing peeking out in the corners of the porch. Any ideas what that's from? I have been using consumer versions of CA for many years, but I am fairly new to my current version - Home Designer Architectural 2019. While I know this isn't the Pro product, it works for my small space planning business and it's helping me design a new home for us. TIA Windows OS Home Designer Architectural 2019