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    Space Planning -> Build House wrong dimensions

    Thanks! I am not going for 100% accuracy, but since the spaces I am working with are a little small I am just trying to be close as I can so that my cabinet selections are not completely unrealistic. I think the main point of confusion for me was space planner seems to create the walls within two adjoined spaces, rather than inserting the wall in between the two rooms/spaces. I wasn't accounting for this in my original measurements since it was not specially called out in any tutorials or the documentation for the feature. Thanks again!
  2. I just about finished doing the remodel work in Home Designer, and decided to double check some of the measurements around the house. To my surprise, the measurements between walls in real life and in Home Designer were way off. I suspect that I may need to do something different to make the Space Planning tool work in the way I expected, but I am not sure what. When I input the dimensions for each room in Home Designer using the Space Planning tool, I used the interior dimensions for each room. However, what I found is when I do "Build House" the dimensions of the rooms it creates are actually smaller than the dimensions of the room planning boxes. This seems to be because it builds walls using portions of adjacent spaces. Is there a way to tell Home Designer to build rooms with the interior dimensions matching the dimensions of the space planner boxes, and build the walls between each room without subtracting from the measured spaces? Or do I need to change my measurements to account for the walls the program is going to build? Additionally, given all the work I have already done -- is there also a way to update the room/wall dimensions from the space planner without having to completely rebuild everything?