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    Creating a Roof With Multiple Styles

    Dear Mr. Potter, Thank you for your response. I will watch that tutorial immediately and any others that you suggest. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the following: Are you saying that my version of Chief Architect only provides a Room Dialog Box where I can adjust settings? If so, does that mean that I can't create a large structure with various roof styles and pitches, like the ones in the image I provided? I'm asking because I'd like to know that before I try to create something like that for my colleagues. Thanks again!
  2. PDSlax

    Creating a Roof With Multiple Styles

    Good Morning, I'm a novice user, so please bear with me. I'm trying to create a model of a school building that features a variety of roof types: gables over some rooms, and hipped over others (see a similar architectural rendering in the attached image. In the image I have attached, you can see that there are two gabled roofs that I have put a red rectangle around, and each of these is over a separate classroom. When I try to do this, I get one gable that spans both rooms. I tried adding a wall break in the exterior wall of the classrooms, but this didn't work. I've watched one of the longer webinars on creating roofs, but it didn't really help me figure out how to solve this issue. If there are other videos I should consult, please let me know which ones they are. And, since I am probably using the wrong vocabulary to discuss this problem, please let me know so I can ask better questions or perform better searches in the knowledge base. Thank you.
  3. PDSlax

    Double Dimensions of Floor Plan

    I didn't set up the application for that scale; instead I just used that scale informally. That is to say, when my colleague described a room that is 20' by 30', my plan for that room in Home Designer Suite was 10' by 15'. I thought this would give the app less data to manage and reduce the lagginess that happens when the plan gets more and more complex. In any case, I have simply redrawn the floor plan at a regular 1:1 scale. I wanted to reply to your posts to thank you for writing back to me and to make sure that my signature showed which version of Home Designer I'm using. Thanks!
  4. PDSlax

    Double Dimensions of Floor Plan

    Hi there. I’m trying to create a model of a school building floor plan for a colleague, and I made the mistake of creating it at a scale where one foot in the application is equal to two feet in the actual building. I drew up the initial plan just fine, but when I added windows, doors, etc., things went awry. Is there a way I can either double the size of the existing floor plan or reduce the size of doors, windows, openings, furnishings, and so on? It would be awesome if there were a way to simply double the size of the basic layout. Any suggestions?