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    Defining New Wall Types

    Re: Home Designer Suite 2019, Build Hi, I am a returning user having used this software (or a version of it) years ago. Really disappointed to find that in the version I have purchased today you don't seem to be able to define new wall types nor edit existing types. - Please tell me I'm wrong and how I could do this. Previously used the software in France - the build was a restoration of a stone mill-house property with stone walls 1 metre thick - so I was able to define this as a type. Now working on a project in the UK - here most homes built between 1930 and 1970 have brick cavity walls, 1 exterior layer brick, cavity insulation, 1 interior layer brick plus a material finish on each face. But I cannot find a pre-existing wall type that conforms to this? I understand that the primary home market for the product is the US but it is being marketed into the UK too. So I would expect it to come pre-loaded with wall types suitable for all markets or that I could add or download them. Please help - otherwise I have parted with good money for software that won't produce drawings I can submit for permits!! Thanks in anticipation, Andy