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    Pass through, pony wall....

    Hi Jo_Ann. Thank you that worked. I now have it looking like real life. Also I found the "Room Divider" tool, and that took care of my other problem.
  2. etherplain

    Pass through, pony wall....

    Also, on a related topic (as it affects the rendering) how in HD Suite 2015, do you define a room? I didn't do the Space Planning tool to build my rooms as I had the exact dimmensions. Now however it seems that HD Suite only recognizes an individual room if it has a door on it. In my current plan the living room, dining room and kitchen areas are all one big room as far as HD Suite is concerned. I'd like to change the crown moulding in my kitchen, and add a sofit ceiling in a laundry area (though I know for the latter I could just add soffit manually instead of making it a room setting). Also kudos to Jo_Ann for the soffit tool trick. Makes a nice bar top!
  3. etherplain

    Pass through, pony wall....

    Hii again, sorry for disappearing. I've tried the doorway and passthru trick, but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm guessing I didn't quite follow the directions right, so perhaps you can tell me what I've done wrong? See attached screen cap. I used a passthru on one side, then a doorway and then another passthru. I can't seem to get the passthru to overlap the doorway though. In plan view when I drag a passthru it goes so far and then moves the doorway and the other passthru with it. In 3D view, I can't seem to grab the passtrhu at all, I always end up selecting some random object behind it. Is there a trick to this? Thanks again.
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    Home Ideas

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    Pass through, pony wall....

    Hi, Between my kitchen and dining room we took down the wall between and restructured it. It's now a half wall with a split for the walk way between the rooms (I hope I'm explaining this well). There are cabinets on the kitchen side of the half wall, and the wall goes up to bar height and is capped with granite for a bartop that provides extra seating in the dining room. Also we weren't able to flush the header between the rooms into the ceiling, so that sticks down. Basically it looks like a big passthrough (split so you can walk through). So with Home Designer Suite 2015, I can't figure out how to a) represent the header (I can't even fake it with a soffit) or how to put the countertop on top of the pony wall. Anyone know how to do either or both? Thanks!