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  1. PrimeArch

    Secondary total area ( room label )

    Arghhh.. No wonder I see the website abit different ( blue white theme ). And my post count just 1. I'm knocking the wrong door buddy. Sorry.
  2. PrimeArch

    Secondary total area ( room label )

    Thanks. I just did. Ive learned something today. Thanks a lot.
  3. PrimeArch

    Secondary total area ( room label )

    Hello guys, I need some help here. In the picture attached is my working file which metric is set to default. In my dimension ( A ).,.. i have an option to turn on imperial as 'secondary dimension' as imperial is my main measurement units and my main practice unit in real world. My question is on 'room label' ( B ).. it show me only in sqm.. I need to convert it to f2 every time I change the size of the building. Is there any way to make it to show 'secondary measurement' to f2 without changing my default project units. Thanks