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    Understood., Being old and trying to learn something new can be a challenge. Just wait and see. Thank you so much for directing me the correct way. Have a great day
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    Opps so sorry new to the forum. Premier.
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    Good day everyone. I've gone thru all tutorial videos (hours),and now I'm trying to glue everything together in my mind lol. I've missed something. My question is? When your drawing, in lets say the (Active Layer Set Control) Bar/Tab called Electrical. You've finished your work. Do you hit file save? file save as? or does chief automatically save the info?Not sure what happens with this layer. I'm at a point where I'm sending everything to my layout pages and where the drop down Project Browser is.I have no folder labeled Electrical. I do have Plan Views. If I am thinking correctly shouldn't there be an electrical folder dropped here? I tried this, Back on my desk top under Documents I created a folder titled "3 bay garage" each time i finished a active layer set I did a save as electrical/ site/ framing / etc... Of which i was thinking this would follow chief and fall into the Project Browser folder in titled Plan Views with a sub folder titled electrical/site/framing etc.. It did not. I tried this, After work was completed i hit the file save thinking it might fall into the Project Browser folder in titled Plan Views. with electrical site framing etc.Sub Folders, It did not. I did one last thing and I think this is what your suppose to do. I was working on the site plan with contours and such, under the Plot Plan, after I was finished I hit a little symbol that looked like a disc symbol, it has a bar/tab, originally it had none. I went to Project Browser, Plan Views, a sub folder called plot plan set, it contained my info for the site plan and I changed name to Site Plan. I noticed later it had the site tab (label), next to the disc symbol, the bar changed from none to site plan. Are you suppose to do your work then hit this disc symbol say for electrical and it will drop a folder under Project Browser, Plan Views, and within it there will be a sub folder titled electrical. Not totally sure how everything is layered and how it works within Chief. BTW Premiere version