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  1. REShade

    built-in shelf unit

    Dave, Thanks for the tip. Pressing the 'Control' key while positioning the wall cabinet was new to me and perhaps that was why I couldn't get the wall cabinet to go beyond the face of the wall in my original attempt? I am creating an 'as built' plan of a 1930's house for a friend before we then do a renovation version of the plan. The part of the living room wall where this goes is opposite the original pantry in the kitchen and the pantry back wall did not extend all way to the living room wall. So there is room for the built-in after creating the wall opening for it. Thanks again Bob
  2. REShade

    built-in shelf unit

    I need to create a built-in shelf cabinet that is 33" from the floor and 15" deep. Tried using the wall niche tool and then editing the object to make it deeper than 4 3/4" but seems to limited to that dimension. Best I can do currently is to put in a window pass through that has same face dimensions as the desired built-in unit. would appreciate any suggestions.....
  3. REShade

    Three panel french door

    David, Thanks for the reply/tutorial. Looks easy. Bob
  4. REShade

    Three panel french door

    Is it possible to create a french door with two swinging doors and one fixed door?