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  1. Good afternoon John, I do use it for kitchens. Best for more information look on YouTube
  2. Good evening I wanted some information on upgrading from a Home Design Pro 2019. I wanted to know what would the difference between the Home Design Pro and the upgraded software?
  3. Zahida

    Error On Recording

    Thank you soooo much David for the video clip. It's made it really easy to understand.
  4. Zahida

    Error On Recording

    Good afternoonI have 2 questions.1) I am trying to record what I have worked on to my client but I'm getting an error.2) How can I change the size of the Subway tiles to a 4x12 as I have been trying but not quite sure it's right as I need to give the material list and don't want to get it wrong and lose my 2nd ever client.Please help Zahida Home Designer Pro 2019
  5. Thank you for showing me this as I will now keep it in mind that I can take a look here if I have further issues. Toggling OFF - ON Textures.mp4
  6. I went into edit preference reset option and reset toolbars to factory defaults and reset other preferences to factory defaults but the Toggle pattern still grey and not turning on. However I did manage to add the prefered backsplash that I needed after resetting the preference. Thank you once again now that this issue has been resolved onto the next one :-)
  7. Please see attachment Toggle Patterns.mp4
  8. Have you toggled off textures? I don't understand??
  9. If you have seen the video clip which I had explained my issues, I had used this tile.
  10. You're most welcome to take over my laptop and see for yourself by add any tile from CA.
  11. No I didn't remove the SDXC from (D) Would suggest that I redownload the CA software and see if many of my issues might be resolved??
  12. Nope still the same. So grateful for your help
  13. Yes I can BUT look at the pattern that I chose it isn't there on plane color.
  14. Sadly it didn't work :-( same issue.