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  1. CompleteNeophyte

    Dropped ceiling leaves gap between rooms

    Thanks for the quick reply, the door without casing seems to do the trick for the appearance. Not sure about what it does to the underlying structure, but at the moment I need this more for general appearance than actual construction. I've included the plan file with the original setup (divider wall in between the two rooms) and it has the gap if you want to take a look. I also have no roof in this plan, but that's because I am still figuring out how to use the gable lines to model what my roof looks like. Gable for part of it, and flat over the back area of the house. Thanks again for the help! ceiling_gap.plan
  2. CompleteNeophyte

    Dropped ceiling leaves gap between rooms

    I recently bought Home Designer to model my house so that I can come up with some remodel ideas/sketches. My ceiling height is 8', however I have a "hallway" section that has a dropped ceiling at 7' to accommodate some duct work. When I try to model this using divider walls, I am left with a gap between the lower and higher ceiling sections. Maybe I am building this out incorrectly? Everything I read in the user manual indicates that I should use a divider wall to split rooms that don't actually have a wall between them...but I don't see how to add a small framed-out section to accommodate the 1' gap between the two ceilings. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter.