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  1. AdeleMinton

    Handleless / Fingerpull cabinet draws and doors

    thanks David, please see attached image for what I mean. thanks style_finger_pull_glosswhite__89039.1533513477 (1).webp
  2. Using home designer pro and wanting to create finger-pull draws and doors. I can see the panel options in library but does not offer the slab door with a sharknose opening. Have been using the bevel option for a few weeks but this bevels the whole panel. Thanks in advance.
  3. AdeleMinton

    Cut hole in soffit for bath

    Thanks Eric, so that would be to use the break line tool and play around to get the right cut out for the bath? There is no way to trace around the oval shape i need for a clean cut?
  4. AdeleMinton

    Cut hole in soffit for bath

    I'm trying to put an oval drop in bath tub in a soffit as I need to tile the surround. my problem is the 3d model shows the soffit through the bath. I also have the same problem when i want to use a custom basin in a stone top. The only way I have managed to achieve this is by using lots of small soffits to fill in the gaps around the bath. I'm aware how to do this using a soffit for a square bath as I can then butt the soffit up to the sides. Any suggestions on soffit not going through the wall would also be a great help. images attached. using home designer pro 2019
  5. AdeleMinton

    Glass Shower Screen goes through walls

    I have used an interior wall and then changed it to a glass shower in the wall type option. However the glass goes into the tile and plasterboard when i want it to sit in front of tile. I have tried pulling the wall away in plan view but it keeps snapping into the wall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.