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    Wall won't frame below garage end truss

    Solver, thanks for the feedback. I've updated my signature and settings and I hope it helps people follow the thread. In the process of simplifying my model so I could post it, I found that setting "Stop at Ceiling Above" on the structure tab for the errant wall fixes the issue. I had manually lowered the roof planes over the garage and reduced the ceiling height of the room but hadn't changed the walls. Rebuiilding the trusses put them in the right place and the two short walls framed correctly but, for some reason, the outside wall didn't. I guess all's wall that ends wall. Thanks again.
  2. bentmybike

    Wall won't frame below garage end truss

    I've manually changed to a truss roof on the garage in my plan and have found that the gable end wall won't frame if the last truss is an end truss. I'm attaching two screen shots. In the first, the last truss is a normal truss. When I build roof framing then then build wall framing I get the wall framed through the truss to the roof (first picture). If I change the truss to an end truss (with force truss rebuild), build roof framing, and then build wall framing, I get the end truss but no wall (second picture). I've tried deleting and redrwaing both the wall and the truss and looked at every setting on the roof, truss, and wall but nothing seems to let me frame a wall below the end truss. Any help is much appreciated. Running Home Designer Pro 2019, Build: