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  1. Morribow

    Issue with basement stairs directly below main stairs

    You are "Da Man". That was an excellent video on exactly what I needed to do. Thank you.
  2. Morribow

    Issue with basement stairs directly below main stairs

    I have zipped the plan and attached. Deleted all the extras as instructed.
  3. Morribow

    Issue with basement stairs directly below main stairs

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have added signature with details. I actually the had the structure complete with exception of the figuring out the above challenge with the stairwell. I considered uploading my plan, but like some other posts I have read, the size of my plan far exceeds the upload limit. I searched the knowledge Base for articles to resolve the dilemma, but couldn't find anything. If you know of any specific posts that tackled this issue, that would be helpful.
  4. Hey all, I am a newbie to Home Designer Pro and enjoying this program immensely. I have come across a challenge that has me stumped. I have a home design where the basement stairs are directly below the main level stairs. As you can see from stairs-pic01, stairs-pic02 and stairs-pic03, structurally everything is correct - outside of the missing stairwell to the basement (and no comments on the custom railings above. work in progress). This where things get challenging. If I add the auto stairwell to the basement level - 1. it shows the gap between the floors (see stairs-pic04) and 2. additionally creates an opening plus railings at the foot of the main level stairs (see stairs-pic05). In addition, I have even tried creating an open area under the stairs, but this has either made walls disappear, caused unexpected results with the basement stairs or created a similar issue to stairs-pic04 on all sides. My suspicion is the placement of one set stairs of over the other is the root cause, but I have measured everything to spec and this is how the house is built. Is there any solution to this problem or will I be stuck with not having the open stairwell to the basement? Again, I am new to the program so this could understandably be a simple error on my part.