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    Clear Print Preview screen

    I got it. Had to go into Drawing Sheet Setup and uncheck Show Drawing Sheet in View. The tutorial did not mention the behavior of this checkbox.
  2. ggoner

    Clear Print Preview screen

    Sorry. the screen image file was no good. Here is a gif of the screen. You can see the print page with the shaded edge. The whole background should be white in design mode, and the design does not inclule a page border.
  3. ggoner

    Clear Print Preview screen

    Alt F2 does not get me out of print preview.. Thus the post to find out how. I have finished printing and wish to return to design view. I even closed the file and it still displays the page layout when reopened. Doc2.docx
  4. ggoner

    Clear Print Preview screen

    I have Home Designer Suite 2019. How do I clear the print preview screen and return to design view? Tutorial says to press Alt + F2. That does not work. Thanks, ggoner
  5. ggoner

    Electrical Defaults

    Thanks for your help but it errors on selecting the object and I can't get to a dialog. I got a reply from support. They say I need the Pro version to fix my file. George
  6. ggoner

    Electrical Defaults

    I have Home Designer Suite 2019. Error Message: Couldn't find electrical objects in the electrical library. I have an old plan from 3D Home Architect 4 (very old). It is so old that the library files can't be imported as far as I know. Help says to Edit Electrical Defaults but Electrical is not listed in the defaults list so this is not possible. How can I remove obsolete electrical information from a very old plan or replace it with current defaults?