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  1. BiggadaChief

    Roof question

    I need a roof over these two sections, that matches the real house. Suggestions? There is actually a deck between the two buildings, but there is also a "finished ceiling", which makes it weird...
  2. BiggadaChief

    house separate from garage + deck

    I don't want a roof over the deck! The house and the garage have separate roofs. Just two boxes side by side, with a deck in between them! The deck extends past the two boxes on the back side of the house, and forms a T shape, expanding the width of the house and the garage. How's THIS for a diagram? H = house, D = deck, G = garage HDG DDD
  3. BiggadaChief

    house separate from garage + deck

    I want to have a house separated from the garage, and a deck between the two. When I try drawing in the deck, HA combines the roofs of the house and the garage! How do I prevent this?