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  1. Oh my gosh you're an angel sent from heaven! - Thank you! I have run into this problem for years and could never find the work arounds. Thank you so much!
  2. @solverI realize we have two threads going - here and on Chief so maybe we can just keep it to here? This is what I have for options when editing my active camera view
  3. Thanks so much Eric. Camera saved as Camera 1 on the second floor.Miller Island
  4. Can anyone help? I have repeated issues. My 3D renderings will show a sloped or vaulted ceiling, but I cannot get my wall elevations to show it! I'm designing a bathroom and need to show the slope as the shower will have tile to ceiling etc. A cross-section will show the slope but I only need that wall elevation. HELP! Screenshot below shows the 3D with the ceiling slope, and then the wall elevation which won't and then a cross section.