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    Exporting images for printing

    I have Home Designer Suite 2018 and I am trying to export a .jpg or .tiff with enough resolution for a 24 x 36 inch printout. I do not see any way to increase the resolution. This would seem like a most basic and essential part of any design software program. I can't believe this feature isn't included. However, I can not seem to find a way to increase image resolutions for export. Any thoughts?
  2. MichHomeBuild

    Roof customization in Home Designer Suite 2018

    I have Home Designer Suite 2018. I am trying to create a second story in the roofline. (The plan is for a story and a half home.) When I watch the tutorials online, I see more roof customization options. However, in my program I can not seem to find them. See screenshot below. What do I do?