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  1. Eric, Received a response from tech support, Walls normal needed to be turned off in layer displays and it will only work in one of the cross section camera views and not wall elevation, I had walls normal display on. Thanks for your response. Vince
  2. I did build framing and ensured that the wall framing was diplayed in the view for the elevation camera.
  3. I recently upgraded from hdpro2019 to hdpro2020, In hdpro2019 I could take a cross section elevation and the wall framing would be displayed, and I could add, change, and modiify wall framing members as needed. When I try to do the same thing in hdpro 2020 i can't seem to get a view of the wall framing. The wall main layer with the wall studs cannot be displayed. I was wondering if I missed a setting in a dialog box, or if the feature was just eliminated in the 2020 version. Would appreciate an answer if anyone may have encountered this. Thank.
  4. Thanks For the help, and for the video David. The Plan is a layout of the existing structure as is before we remodel. We are in western Pennsylvania and the house was built around the year 1905. The framing is rough cut lumber and a full 2" x 4" (oak at that). The floor joists ( rough cut 2" x 8") even have a few hand hewn barn beams included in the floor structure. The layout of the stairs going to the attic are as I shown, a basic ladder. and the other two stair cases I drawn as is. We have the complete inside taken down to framing and ready to put an addition on. Attic stairs are coming out and we are going to redo the main staircase to bring it in to code, as well as some other changes. I was trying to get the existing plan as accurate as possible and also use it as a learning tool. The main roof ridge board is 3/4" lumber. Rafters are opposing each other with collar ties. That needs some work also. Again thanks for your time and feed back. I enjoy the videos, they really help.
  5. David, Attached plan is an "existing" plan for a remodel. I had (3) issues that I can't resolve. 1. Rake wall under staircase on first floor of plan. I intended to have railing over rake wall and abutt into the vertical wall. When the stairs were widened the railing was not available anymore. It looks like drawing the wall under stairs was that the wall would run the full length of the stair case or not at all. 2. Full camera view shows an issue with fascia and soffit connecting. A gap exists. I went back through roof planes and default settings but don't see where I'm off. 3. The attic is an unfinished space. I couldn't seem to turn off the railing in the attic around the stair well opening. Making it invisible I lost the opening in the floor in which the stairs from below came up through. Would appreciate a look through the plan if you have time. Thanks. Before Floor Plan.plan
  6. Still having issue with exterior wall material not updating in camera view. Tried changing a stock siding-6 exterior wall lap siding material to a different dimension. Change is reflected in wall type dialog box, but does not change in plan view/camera view. Is it suppose to or a program glitch? Is it possible to get another look at this topic? Wall problems.plan
  7. I created a new material and tried it. The color did change but the shake pattern didn't show up in the camera view. I did try your suggestion above and the color change did work when I blended it with the texture. Changing the material size in the material specifications didn't do anything. Wall problems with new material.plan
  8. Wall problems.plan I am using Home Designer Pro 2019. I had started another project and encountered a problem changing a material in the wall type dialog. The attached file is a simple box drawn to just show the inputs that I have made in the dialog box for the wall types. I was going through and setting up my defaults before I began drawing the plan for another project. What I wanted to do was to change the exterior siding material to fiberglass cement board shakes (size and colors). My process was defaults > walls > exterior walls > edit > wall types > I selected siding-6 and copied it. I then renamed it siding-6 fiber cement shingle. In the wall type definitions I selected and changed the siding to cement panel offset green. Then selected plan materials and selected cement panel offset green and then edit. while in edit I selected material type to shakes. Changed color to blue. changed size to 12" x 18". then hit done. Opened wall type definition dialog and selected vector view and the changes were reflected as I told it to. Then in plan view I selected draw exterior wall and in camera view it had the fiber cement shingle but the color and size changes that I made were not reflected. I'm sure I must be overlooking something simple. Help would be greatly appreciated. I have been through the manuals and tutorials. Wall problems.plan
  9. Thanks, I Appreciate your expertise and help.
  10. I had tried again with a different room. I also tried the ceiling plane tool. Patio Plan For Kincaid.plan
  11. I am using Home designer pro 2019 build date 25 April, 2018 I have reviewed and studied the tutorials, reference manual and users guide and most of David's youtube videos and am unable to get the a truss roof over a deck room. Using the exterior wall tool I drew a box 20' x 50' and added a second story based on the first floor walls. I did not do any interior alls since I was doing a design for the deck only. I used the deck railing tool to bring a deck off the house structure that is 14' from the house exterior wall and 20' long. In edit - set defaults - framing - I unchecked auto build roof. and edit - set defaults - roof - I unchecked auto build roof. The (2) 14' walls I selected hip roof with a 3" pitch. The front 20' wall I selected full gable wall for roof setting. In the room specification window the room is deck and I have the roof over room and flat ceiling checked as well as use soffit material on ceiling. Then under roof tools - build roof - I selected build roof planes. Roof planes were reflected in plan view. Then I selected roof framing tools - and the truss tool - Placed the marker on the outside wall (on the 14' wall) and drew across the the opposite 14' wall. And I get the error message cannot generate truss because no roof planes were found. The roof planes are there. I also tried manually building the ceiling and roof planes but get the same results, What I need is this room to be a 14' x 20' patio (with a 4" concrete slab) (ceiling height would be 8' with the top of the slab set down a few inches from the main structure floor) with a truss constructed roof over it, sitting on 6x6 post and beams. I did try using the exterior wall tool instead of the deck railing and was able to put the trusses in. Thanks, VINCE