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  1. Home Designer Pro 2020

    Can I add manual dimensions direct to a layout/ construction drawing independent of the dimensions in the plan?

    How to delete dimensions in the layout/ construction drawing (independent to plan)? 


  2. Hi,

    For a two story deck I draw one deck over the other but the posts disappear (see image).

    How can I change the length of the post so that they go through the lower deck reaching the upper deck?

    Or what is the best way to draw a two story deck? 



  3. Thank you very much also for your time. Good to have you in this forum!!


    Please, how could I give this deck Auto Dimensions? 

    When I click in a room I get the option e.g. Auto Interior Dimension. 

    When I'm in 1st floor I can also click in the deck area and get the option: Auto Interior Dimension.

    But when I move to floor 0 then I can't activate the deck area and so I don't have the option Auto Interior Dimension.

    How can I give it automatic dimensions?


  4. Hi,

    sorry when I ask here more or less the same once again but it is really urgent:

    How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default (I think default is the floor plan). 

    I can create the floor plan of my deck. OK. But below the floor are e.g. posts and concrete footer. When I go one floor deeper the whole deck disappears including post and footer.

    How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default ???




    I found a video tutorial:

    and in 1:38 minutes they switch from floor 1 to floor 0 and as you can see in the attached image the post, footer, beams are visible 

    Does it work only in Chief Architect. Is this a limitation of Home Designer Pro 2019 (Trail)???

    What do I do wrong?? 


  5. That's for horizontal and vertical Drawings. Thank you!


    For my deck I get a horizontal floor plan in the height of the decking. OK.

    But there are also below the decking e.g.posts and concrete footer. When I switch one floor deeper they disappear. 

    How can I get these post and footers on a drawing?

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Hi,

    now I have Home Designer Pro Trail and can make construction drawings with NEW LAYOUT and SEND TO LAYOUT.  But only horizontal on floor plan level.


    1) How can I make vertical construction drawings (parallel to the walls)?


    2) How can I move the horizontal construction drawing position up or down? 




  7. Thanks for your answer. 

    Yes. I mean Construction Drawings.

    Can I do with Home Designer Pro also a construction drawing of a deck (posts, footer, railing, stairs)?

    Sorry for the question but with my Home Designer Architectural version It creates in 2D dimensions (not construction drawings) for walls, windows etc. but for a deck it's once again very limited.


  8. Hi,

    how can I create technical drawings? Which program/version allows me to do technical drawings? 

    My older version of Home Designer Architectural 2016 I think it doesn't have this feature (beside a lot of other limitations).



  9. Quote

    On the side there should be a door. 

    On the side of what?

    Please see new attached image (orange door).



    I created a porch with Home Designer but I can't change the height of the porch. 

    Have you changed the floor height?

    Change the floor height is not possible. See orange circles on second attached image.



  10. I selected three railings and it shows a box around this three items. In the left corner it says: Three objects currently selected. 

    ...but where is the OPEN OBJECT (see image)??


  11. Hi,

    I want to use this stairs with the platform as a base for a porch (see image).

    On the side there should be a door.

    I created a porch with Home Designer but I can't change the height of the porch.

    A slab created with Home Designer didn't let me set a door on the side.

    What can I do?




  12. That doesn't work for me. I open the floor plan, hold down "alt" and click on different walls but only one wall stays selected. 

    The same with rails (rail 1, rail 2, rail 3...) Only one stays selected.

    What do I do wrong?

    I still have the Home Designer Architectural 2016 version. Soon I plan to update.

    The version is the reason?


  13. The customer service/sales couldn't help me.


    That's seem to be an old problem. 

    I March someone asked more or less the same:

    ...but with NO answer!


    But Acroplis said something very good:

    "This should be simple to program..... if the data comes out of the HD software with a reference number, ..."



    How can I find a material list item??


  14. Home Designer Architectural 2016



    In the Material List it shows the IDs: S1, S2, S3.....DW1, DW2....

    OK. S for Siding, DW for Deck-Walks etc.

    But where in the deck is DW1, DW2... How can I see/show this?