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    Transform a floor into 2 levels bearing / plateau

    Hi Every one, I thought I would be able to find some help here. Unfortunately I'm still struggling to achieve what I'd like. Should I add additional info. or just forget about any more help? Rgds
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Home Designer Suite 2019. Here is 2 things I'd like to achieve with the tool: 1) I have a unique large room dedicated to living room and dining room. But I'd like to set a clear separation between the 2 space. The dining room would stay on the reference floor but the living room would be elevated up to 50 cm from the reference floor. Some kind of 2 bearings / plateau at 2 different levels. 2 small steps would help to circulate from space to space. 2) I have for now a kitch that is open to the living room but I'd like to close the kitchen. Walls I need to build will have canopy instead of classic window. So the wall will start elevating of course from the floor and stop at 1m from the floor. Then the window / canopy will start from 1m from the floor up to the ceiling; the window must touch the ceiling. The issue I have is how to define the hight of this window so that it exactly start just above the wall (1m) but stop exactly at the ceiling? Thanks for you support Regards, Alêton Plan HDS - v1.plan