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  1. Gramps

    Spline feature not working

    Duh!! I figured it out. Operator error Draw each section as a straight section, and then when they combine they "spline". I work with a couple of different CAD programs so it easy for a aged person like myself to get confused,,hence the handle of "Gramps" The home designer suite is a very cool program especially for the price. I may have to upgrade. Kbird and Dave, thanks again for you patience and suggestions Paul H
  2. Gramps

    Spline feature not working

    Dave Home Designer Suite Version 8.0 OS = Vista Home premium Intel core quad CPU Q6600 2.40 HGz Ram = 4GB I turned the "snap angle" off I am unabe to get the spline function to bend even a tiny bit. The CAD tool for a spline line draws a straight line. Spline sidewalks are a rectaangle. It's really weird. I guess I could to a bunch of small over lapping rectangles to follow the kidney shaped pool. I was trying to put a sidewalk on one side of the pool and a retaining wall on the other side. thanks for all the help Paul H Chico, CA
  3. Gramps

    Spline feature not working

    didn't work, I will try tech support
  4. Gramps

    Spline feature not working

    Kbird Thanks for the info, Unfortunately my old version seems to be lacking ( or I can't find it ) this preference feature / edit object I am using Vista 32 bit. It is puzzling as even the CAD tool for a spline line is not working, Curved walls work, curved deck edges work, curved fencing work, curved retaining walls works. Splined terrian walls is not working, splined terrian curbs is not working, splined road and spined sidewalks are not working. I am going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I am trying to put a curved sidewalk around a kidney shapped pool. Paul H
  5. Gramps

    Spline feature not working

    Hello Eveyone I am having a problem with the spline walk, spline driveway, and other spline terrain elements not working. They come out as a straight line or rectangle. I am using Home Designer Suite Version 8.0 and have not had this problem before. I did use the repair installation using the software installation disk. That didn't work. I read on an older forum about checking the edit command and making sure that the "edit object parts" was off. I could not find this in the edit menu any suggestions? TIA Paul H. aka Gramps Chico, CA