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  1. so the 'user' folders are the locations?
  2. this picture shows the locations. None of the outline the 'user catalog' location.
  3. I recently had to back up my computer and reinstall the OS> I have copied everything back from my saved files, but my user catalogue is missing. Where is it usually located so I can add back those additional items I created?
  4. thanks, but if I paint the wall with drywall, it just changes the colour of the tile texture, so was loking to get back to the original drywall. I'll try your first remark
  5. In adding to this question, if I have a full wall of tile, how do remove that tile and set it back to a wall of drywall? i can't seem to find how to do that. I can remove it from the soffit as I can double click and set the material to drywall where the tile is, but on the exterior wall (as pictured) I can't do that. bret
  6. Thanks everyone, i found one that works
  7. thanks for that. As soon as you mentioned it I did a search. I will see how these go.
  8. The tile is a tile that I screenshotted and created a texture out of. There is no catalogue item for this one.
  9. The lines don't match up, you can see each of the 12"x12" tiles that I used. I have tried to understand the video tutorials on how to create custom materials but they don't make a lot of sense to me. you choose styles and patterns but no matter what you choose, the texture file will also over ride any style or pattern you have. So just trying to work out a few kinks in the process.
  10. Update. i have smaller hexagon style, but can't get the pattern to be right.
  11. I have found in Home Designer Pro there are hexagon tiles that are for the floor and for some reason they wont install onto my walls. I am trying to have my shower wall tiles in white hexagon, like the image shown. Any ideas how to achieve this? I can't find another material like what I am looking for.
  12. Sorry this may be an easy answer but I am unable to find it the search or knowledge base. I have a bathroom wall that has a tub surround and I would like to tile only half of the wall. Is there a tool that I can use to create a section? i have tried the polyine solid, polyline box etc, as seen in the picture here with the arrow, but when i go to place the material, the whole wall is tiled. The wall also pictured is what I want to put tile on half of. From the right of the window to the left, under the window i only want to tile. any help would be gre
  13. As you can see in the background I did just that. I wanted to see if my assumptions were right in that the cabinet was indeed the issue and not my technique