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  1. I know I can manually add the marks, but I was wondering if there was a way to show the cameras. Thanks
  2. I have a plan that I am sending to a layout. This plan displays the cameras and the camera labels that indicate sections and elevations. When I send this to layout, the cameras (section and elevation arrows) are not displaying on the layout. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Maria Home Designer Pro 2018
  3. Never mind! I figured it out! thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks so much for looking at this. No one else worked on this. I don;t know how to switch to Camera View set. I can't find anything about it. Where do I find that?
  5. Here it is. AddiitonshowingExisting.plan
  6. Attached is a screen shot of Level 0 and a screen shot of the elevation, which does not show level 0.
  7. Hi, I am using HD PRO 2018. I have a house plan on 3 levels (0, 1, 2) When I select the elevation or section 3d cameras, it is not showing Level 0. ANyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance! Maria
  8. Hi, The floor structure is actually being supplied by the foundation below as a slab that sits on the footing. I am unable to define any additional layers other than the thickness of the slab. There is no place for me to define that there is insulation UNDER the slab. I can make a workaround by defining the floor in the foundation as being 4" of rigid insulation (but I can;t add any other layers such as vapor barrier or drain tile), then I can go to Level 1 and select the room above the foundation and define the floor finish (since floor of insulation is supplied by foundation below) and I can
  9. Hi Eric, Thanks for your response. I have updated my original post to reflect the software version. Not sure if the self-help note is a generic one or if you were directing that as an answer to my question? I have already tried to find the answer in the places you mentioned prior to posting my question.
  10. In Home Designer Pro 2018, I would like to be able to define a slab that is sitting on the foundation footing (and defined in the foundation section of the default settings). Specifically the slab would be defined as the top layer being concrete (with reinforcing steel mesh), the next layer below that is EPS rigid insulation (at various thickness) and the next layer below that is vapour barrier, drain tile, etc. i.e. be able to define the slab similar to the way that walls can be defined. Is this possible? Specifically I want these layers to show in the section drawings (see