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    The walls and floor are not showing in Camera View Layer Set

    Dear solver, Thank you very much for your input and directions. -kafarelli
  2. Hello there, I apologize in advance for asking such a basic question that was most likely answered million times before but I did my search in the blog and was not able to find it. I am super new to Chief Architect (I have Chief Architect Premier X10 version, Build on Mac). Yesterday I was watching "Floor Plan Basics" video from Training Videos section and this is how the perspective full overview of the mentor looked like (refer to screen 1). When I tried following the steps and turned on the Camera View Layer Set (used by the mentor on the video) I got very basic square with no walls and floor visible (refer to screen 2). My question is how do I match or at least get something similar to what the mentor got? Also to save space in the blog and not to spam you with questions I also wanted to know how to rotate the object (my layout) and move around it in Perspective Full overview mode, because when I drag and move around my mouse I can not get to rotate the object or get a different camera angle, all it does is it just moves the object as I would move in on a flat piece of paper. Thank you!