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  1. Thank you everyone for your help thus far! Attached is my plan with the terrain perimeter and text boxes showing the contour lines. These are approximate as I did the best I could placing them where they were on the photo copied survey plot plan I have. The garage is elevation 0'. I'm having some trouble uploading the actual pictures. so you can see what I'm working with in reality. But I will continue to try. A am VERY new to this software and bought it primarily for landscaping purposes. I know that there are probably all sorts of rookie mistakes and I would appreciate it if someone wants to point them out, but please don't judge. Thanks! State Street Landscape Plan Plot Plan.plan
  2. Hi! New to the forum--hoping ya'll can help! I am trying to create a landscape plan in Home Designer Architect 2018 for my land with an existing home. I have a survey plot plan that has the elevation lines throughout the property and I'm just trying to replicate them. The land slopes from the front yard to the back of the back yard (approximately 10' difference over the course of 100') and even more significantly to the right and left of the house (right 8' difference in the ~14' between the house and the fence on either side). There is a walkout basement in the back. I've tried placing the elevation with both lines and points and the program is inserting weird bumps and hills in random places. It also automatically drops the ground several inches all around the house when I place an elevation line. I should mention that my garage floor is elevation 0'. Anyone have ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks! STATE ST PLOT PLAN.pdf