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    registration issue

    Update, the friendly team have sorted this for me and I designing schemes again
  2. chris2build

    registration issue

    also yes I have emailed customer support and yes I have opened a support case with Chief architect, and are waiting to here back. My Email below fingers crossed I can get this sorted and start using this awesome software again!! Hi Firstly I must say I love your software simple and easy to use and quick My laptop which I had home designer suite 9 on has recently died and I tried to install home designer on my old laptop again, I received message: Unable to register this licence................................. Now reading the manual I can install on 3 computers at a time however I cannot delete or uninstall this from my damaged pc ever and the others have been thrown out. can you please deactivate all computers using home designer 9 from your system so I can use this programme again. my product key is Blahh - blahh thanks for your help chris delury
  3. chris2build

    registration issue

    My Laptop died and I'm using an old one now so I reinstalled home designer 9, I get a registry issue saying its already installed on another computer, so I log in and try to alter registered computers but don't get a option to do so. please help I purchased home designer 2019 but my new laptop and old laptop wont run it due to system requirements that's why I went back to version 9 My New laptop suffered a fatal hardware issue and is dead so I need to be able to use version 9 on my old laptop. thanks for any advise chris