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  1. I am trying to design a deck & I selected all layers to display, but the deck framing still isn't showing in the camera view:(
  2. Yes I got it! Under terrain specification... I set the Subfloor height above terrain to 30", it was on automatic before & that was putting my deck on the ground. Thank you, I was up late last night trying everything & so I appreciate your advice which got me onto the right path... Thank you!
  3. Great I will study that... There are a lot of settings, so that’s what I think I needed was a push in the right direction:)
  4. No I have not... I guess I will focus on that first... Thank you
  5. I am having trouble attaching stairs to a deck. Note that my deck is not attached to any structure and I think my problem is that I have not specified the elevation for HD Pro to know how or where to connect them. I'm watching all the videos over & over, but still can't figure out what is needed to specify this dimension, so that my straight stairs or drawn stairs will automatically join my deck. Any advice would be very much appreciated. This software is very powerful, but it takes some time to become familiar with how all the parts effect each other.