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    Interior walls in rooms with vaulted ceilings

    Wow thanks so much for the fast response. Indeed floor camera shows you a floor. And that is not what I want. You folks rock. Thanks! Solution = Full Camera
  2. veganfishtacos

    Interior walls in rooms with vaulted ceilings

    I'm trying to add some interior walls into a room with cathedral ceilings. I need the interior (dividers) to extend to the roof. By default it seems they don't. They disappear at the classical ceiling height... and a space is cut out of the roof where they would appear. To reporduce 1) Draw a box room with exterior walls. 2) Vault the ceiling Select room >> Room Specification >> Structure >> Uncheck "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" 3) Add an interior wall extending from any exterior wall out into the room 4) Add a floor camera to inspect your work There's a hole in the ceiling now. And the walls is like a pony wall or something. It stops well short of the ceiling. I need it to go all the way up to the ceiling. Attached is a floor camera view of the shelf ceiling that the tool likes to make and my "Room Specification>>Structure" dialog box. Any ideas?