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    Strange tool bar after upgrade

    hmm just tried that, it didnt go away, playing with it, I drug it down which made it longer and exposed a "tool pallet" title bar with an X, clicking on the X it went away. thank you for the speedy suggestion!
  2. BlizzardND

    Home Designer Suite 2018

    Thank you I had hoped that after a year had passed, they had developed something better than printing out a pdf and snail mail.. I expect that from a lawn mower, not a software company. makes me wonder why they even shipped 2018 version. in all my research on this software, 2019 was not mentioned anywhere..
  3. BlizzardND

    Home Designer Suite 2018

    I just bought 2018 last week,installed it yesterday, now I see 2019 is out, how do I upgrade ?
  4. BlizzardND

    Strange tool bar after upgrade

    Brand new user, worked fine the first day, (yesterday) today it stated new upgrade available, I did the upgrade, now I have this strange new tool bar?? in my upper left corner.. I cant move it or change it. help? Chief Arch. Pro 2018