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    How to draw a slab for a roof over a single storey.

    Hi Robborito, Thanks for the reply. I've tried turning auto roof off. Are you just creating another storey and shortening the walls of the upper level?
  2. Lucidhomes

    How to draw a slab for a roof over a single storey.

    Hi David, I have Home Designer Pro 2019 I just want to draw a flat roof terrace with a 1.2m wall around the perimeter to act as a balustrade. The flat roof will be waterproofed, a layer of geo fabric placed and have drainage cell sheets laid before soil and turf. The slab doesn't need to be visibly tilted. I can specify the fall ratio to the drainage points around the edges in seperate CAD details.
  3. Hi Everyone. I'm very new to this program and i'm trying to set up my defaults for a very basic type of construction using cinder blocks and I want to make the roof a concrete slab that over hangs on all sides and it will be a green roof. Every time I add a floor and draw a slab it ends up in the air in 3d view. How can I add a slab that acts as the ceiling and roof to a single storey building please?
  4. Lucidhomes

    Stepped Foundations/Creating lower level

    Hi all, My name is Paul and I've just purchased Home Designer Pro 2019. I'm trying to design a house for my brother who wants cavity brickwork and concrete slabs on all floors and a slab for the roof. He has a sloping block and wants to put a couple of bedrooms downstairs located on the lower end of the sloping block so that the main living area uses the concrete slab roof of these rooms as a deck. I've tried following the tips online and in the manuals for creating basements and stepped footings but keep running into several problems. 1. Creating a stepped foundation wall: I use the ;Break Wall' tool but when i drag the walls up to follow the contours of the land the walls automatically join together and form a level footing again. I've unchecked the 'Object Snap' settings but it still does it. 2. A gap always appears between the 'basement' and ground floor/first floor. So I've tried making the bedrooms the ground floor/ first floor and the main living area the 2nd floor which seems to get rid of the gap but still can't adjust the stepped footings without them automatically joining back up. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Paul