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  1. Myplace

    Issues with Courtyard imbedded twice

    Sorry for the wrong photo and its location.
  2. Myplace

    Issues with Courtyard imbedded twice

    Hello Solver, I did go to settings and provided a photo and location. I think I did try that as it was mentioned in one of those posts.
  3. Myplace

    Issues with Courtyard imbedded twice

    Hello everyone, I hope that I am using the proper protocol for this forum. I am a new user of Home Designer Pro 2018. I have used in the past Virtual Architect. I am designing a single story house of a U shape. The U shape provide the setup for a courtyard. I have created the U shape house which automatically created a roof over the house and the courtyard. I researched through the forum that the trick to it is declare one wall as "No Room Definition". It worked, the courtyard was not covered by the roof. When I added four walls around the house to create a covered walkway all around the house, the automatic roof feature covered it including the courtyard. I tried to define one wall of the new perimeter as a "No Room Definition" but to no avail. I am attaching my plan and 2 photos showing my target design. Myplace.plan