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    Post and Beam Framing

    to enclose the structure I will be using purlins (3x6) with 1' board and batten siding
  2. SKRestorations

    Post and Beam Framing

    Thanks for the information. It is not Mortise and tenon but rather post and beam using steel plates and bolts for the joints and construction screws. Very strong and much easier to build as well as cheaper in cost.
  3. SKRestorations

    Post and Beam Framing

    So I have been using Designer Suite but am testing out Pro because I have not been able to design a Post and Beam structure. Has anyone designed such a structure? How does one draw posts and beams with this? I looked at the Deck but that didn't seem to be the ticket. Does one have to draw each post using the 3D CAD section? Or does one just use a structural wall then edit everything out in the framing view? Thanks Steve
  4. SKRestorations

    shed roof on side of barn with a 3/12 pitch and 9/12 on barn

    Got it thanks. I think it had something to do with having Rebuild roof off.
  5. I am using 2018 Home designer suite and can't seem to get a different pitch for the shed roof where it will attach to the gable wall of the barn which has a 9/12 pitch. I looked at two previous threads with different questions and those didn't help. Tried the set garage as porch and upper pitch at 3" but that ended up giving me a hip roof. Hopefully this can be done in Suite. Thanks barn with shed roof garage.plan