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  1. Thanks very much! Process is very clear. I was hoping to actually generate an exact plot based on the surveyor data. The other frustration on my lot is that the city maps break right thru my lot, so I have to look at two different blocks. In any event, these approaches will get me where I need to be. Thanks again, Joe
  2. Thanks for your response. Due to other shortcomings of the Architectural level of software, I'm in the process of upgrading to Pro. In regards to this issue, it seems like the polyline process should work to achieve an accurate perimeter since I have accurate surveyed data for input. Perhaps I'm asking too much of it, or perhaps the Pro will handle better. I'm only looking for an accurate perimeter for home layout/placement. The lot is "flat" and terrain profiles are not needed... at least on this project. Regards, Joe
  3. Hello, I've added to the sig line. I've been through everything I can find, but to no avail. Everything I find, makes it look so easy, but not my experience. Thanks!
  4. Hello. New user enjoying Home Designer Architectural 2018. I'm finding it relatively easy to use, but have run up against a wall related to building a terrain perimeter. I have a surveyor's drawing with coordinates and distances, radii, etc. The problem is that everytime I construct from CAD lines, the shape may or may not represent the actual shape and even if it looks close, a check of lines previously draw and dimensioned have changed. Is there a secret/sequence required to assure that each and every segment drawn does not move or change as I add subsequent segments? I've attached a PDF of the drawing I'm working from. Plot.pdf