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  1. Ha ha!! There it is on the attic floor! Thanks!
  2. Greetings, I used Eric's video "Building a Decorative Truss Using a Custom Backsplash" and found it enlightening! Thank you for this video! However, in my plan, the truss, now an architectural block, won't display in plan view. I can't move it away from the wall because of this. . . I turned on all layers and still nothing. Any ideas? I am using Country Cottage template. Thanks! Truss.plan
  3. Thanks Gary and Eric! Yes: the American Casual template is the culprit! I used Default Template and everything works fine. . . So mystery solved! Thanks!!
  4. Hi there, I am finding that there are almost no details (framing) when I generate a back-clipped cross section. I can turn on framing layers and then some begin to show up, but not all. Any ideas why? Thanks, No framing in section view.plan