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    Material List - Buy List

    I have the same problem. Some of the lumber shows length others show a quantity but no length. Would be nice also if the software could consolidate lumbers.. Looking through a list of hundreds of entries and finding the same lumber multiple times and entering the same cost multiple times is not productive. Also would be nice to relate the lumber in the Material list to the actual plan. I see so many listed items in the material list that I have no idea what it is for or where it is used? A bit disappointing to put in all the work expecting to get a material list that is usable. I spent an hour keying in costs for materials and I was told when I exit I would have an opportunity to save my material list. This did not happen, I lost all my work. Sure I can export to a .txt file then I lose the ability to get the subtotals calculated and finished totals. Yes I can open in Excel and reformate all the fields. This yet again is not my expectations nor productive.