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  1. derozelle

    Need Help With Roof

    How much do you charge per hour. Feel free to reply to
  2. derozelle

    Need Help With Roof

    My original thought was to get assistance on the roof. I will need to complete this including the framing and elevation details. I do need to have a set of drawings for review. Is that what you think will take 2 hours? Also what would the cost be?
  3. derozelle

    Need Help With Roof

    I reread my note and thought it didn't have enough detail. I currently have a roof on the model and it's close to the correct configuration. I want to make sure that all the lines are correct and symmetrical. This is currently a rafter plan, but truly need it to be a truss plan, with minimal hand framing. Tell me what you think.
  4. derozelle

    Need Help With Roof

    Cabin Roof Model.plan
  5. derozelle

    Need Help With Roof

    I am a newbie and am struggling to complete the roof. I'm willing to pay someone to finish it for me. I thought I'd post this to see if someone who knows Pro is interested helping me out and be compensated.