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  1. Construction of items such as windows and doors uses a concept of rough-in dimensions. From a work process standpoint, the designer first places a door or window in a wall and shows its position using dimensions. All HD Pro automated dimension tools indicates locations by the edge of the actual item (left, right, top, bottom edges). This is fine for getting buy in by the client or for making as-built drawings. However, the purchase and construction processes use rough-in dimensions that indicate the hole necessary to frame in the item. Construction needs the rough-in dimension and the obj
  2. kirkdebs

    Sunken shower

    If it is in its own room, just give the room a lower floor level than the rest of the bathroom. Use Room Specification Floor: (C). For example, if you bathroom has a floor value of 0", then enter -3.5". If the shower doesn't have its own room, make it have one. Hope this helps. Kirk (just another user)
  3. I solve this problem by mounting a base cabinet on top of another base cabinet and then configuring the top one as the bar top. Just specify the base height of the top one to be the top height of the lower one. Adjust the countertops to extend as you wish.
  4. I thought tech support read this. Live and learn.
  5. Thank you Solver for your comments. By the way, I can NOT see your program name or version. Your name, picture and location are visible as well as the large number of posts you have helped people. I did not know I could save a camera in the plan. I will do so next time. The client likes north to point up. So Northern Hemispheric of him. The bend in the house causes me pain every day. But in this case, I do not suspect the bend is the problem with the attic auto rebuild. If you turn off a function, it should not function. How illogical phobic I am. I still consider th
  6. I have an attic wall that runs between my two offices on the north end of the house. When I color one in one office, the other office's wall gets color, also. So I read the instructions and made sure that the main floor wall is broken and broke the attic wall. I turned off the default walls > general checkbox for attic walls being rebuilt. I closed the dialog box and reopened it and yet is was still unchecked. But when I use either the eye dropper or a dialog box to let the two offices have different paint colors, the attic wall heals into one wall and takes the last color changed. It