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    wall framing elevation

    The back clipped worked- thank you! I had tried that before but didn't understand the click and release.
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    wall framing elevation

    24 x 36 garage. I am trying to do generate the wall framing elevations. When I do a cross section elevation of any of the exterior walls, I am also getting the framing for the opposite wall. How do I get just the framing for the one wall? I have spent hours adjusting the display options for the camera, the plan etc every combination possible and can not get the opposite wall out of the picture. When I do a cross section elevation of the wall from the inside, I can get the framing for just the wall that I want, however it is in reverse of what I need. I can send this reverse image to a layout, once on the layout it looks like you can do everything possible to this image except flip it to a reverse position. Home Designer Pro 2018 build