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  1. SirJames

    Bars on windows?

    Greetings - any idea how to put bars on windows, like a security grille often seen in asian countries or some urban areas of USA. I can place an object from the library that sort of does the trick but it's cumbersome to place. Is there a way to define the window type with bars? I couldn't see a way but wanted to ask.
  2. SirJames

    Can I break a terrain wall?

    Greetings all - Can I break a terrain wall like I can a "regular" type of wall? I have not found a way but thought I would ask before having to re-do things. Ultimately I am trying to put several gates into a large terrain wall that is already built. So it would be nice if I could just sort of slice out a piece of the terrain wall or at least break it in order to insert the gates. Using Home Designer Architectural 2014 Thanks.