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    Jo_Ann, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. I'm new at this and unfortunately, learning new things is a bit more difficult at this age. I'm trying to design a single floor handicap accessible home for my retirement. Best regards, Bill
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    Hi "Solver", I appreciate your feedback. I'm using Home Designer Suite 2015 and what I'm looking to turn off is the faint lines that the program automatically puts in as roof lines when you are creating the outside walls and floor layout. When I watched the tutorials I believe I had seen a reference to turning them off but I can't seem to locate that information now. I've put the query into the "Help" feature but it didn't come up with anything. Regards, Bill
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    I'm new to Home Designer, I've only learned to put up walls so far and I find that the roof lines that are automatically generated are problematic but I haven't found where to turn them off. Can somebody assist me with that?