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    Shower Sliding Door

    How do I draw a sliding shower door similar to the one in the attached picture. Chief Architect X10`P16981641.jpg.jp2
  2. georg102

    Zooming in and out

    Thank you. I will correct that now. All the best. George
  3. georg102

    Sliding Shower Glass Door

    Good day. Thanks in advance. Is there a way to add a sliding shower door and choose different types of hardware? Thank you. George. P16981641.jpg.jp2
  4. georg102

    Zooming in and out

    Hello. I'm sure this has been asked. I am a rookie. When I create a room, I then go to full camera view to see the 3d room. However, when I'm in the room in 3d if I zoom out it takes me to the exterior. Not much room for zoom. Is there a way to change the scale of the camera? so that I can zoom out more without going to the exterior ?