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  1. Spastuscat

    Complicated roof in Suite 2018

    Eric, I'm doing it partly for fun, and partly just to learn the program, but there's also a room in that exact part of the house where the roof difficulty is that is currently just a large unused attic that I'd like to finish off. I don't know how much more I'll be using the program beyond our own house, so I doubt upgrading to pro would be a worthwhile investment. May still do it, though, At some point my wife and I would like to design and build our own house. Jo Ann, You're right. I should attempt the 2nd floor before proceeding further. At first I thought it'd be a simple thing to throw on, but now that I see how difficult it's going to be I think I'll do the 2nd floor first. Maybe it'll present some answers. And if not, at least I'll only have to figure the roof out once. I'll post some more pics of the house soon.
  2. Spastuscat

    Complicated roof in Suite 2018

    Here's what it does when I try to use the "upper pitch" option. It works where there's a parallel wall in the front of the house with the pitch I want to match, but if there's no parallel wall with that pitch, as I have here due to the full gable for that corner of the house, the pitch from the front of the house just wants to mirror the first pitch from the back of the house. If I did it right, the plan is attached. Eudailey House 2nd Story.plan
  3. Spastuscat

    Complicated roof in Suite 2018

    Thanks for the picture you attached, by the way. I had actually achieved something much like that, but it doesn't seem to work when I add dormers on the front of the house. It's like it can no longer calculate the right roof pitch once the dormer on the other side is put in. I'll try again, though. Maybe I missed something the first time through.
  4. Spastuscat

    Complicated roof in Suite 2018

    Thanks. Couldn't figure out how to get to the signature portion at first.
  5. Spastuscat

    Complicated roof in Suite 2018

    I'm trying to duplicate my house in Suite 2018, but I don't know if it's possible to do a roof as complicated as mine without the pro version. The enclosed porch off the back was initially supposed to be just a deck, but at the last minute the builder decided to enclose it, so it has a different pitch. In Chief Architect it's always wanting to put the roof centerline at the centerline of the house instead of the original center prior to the deck enclosure. I've tried several different ways to get it moved, but it never works out right. Can this be done without the pro version? (Enclosed deck is the portion with the siding instead of brick, and has the shallower pitch. Also, I still have to add the 2nd floor over the far side gabled roof area, but didn't want to futz with that until I knew I could get the roof right.)