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  1. Thank you, that's good to know regarding the CA software products are all based on the same platform. With further investigation of my PC hardware I found the video card is likely the mitigating factor on why the 3d images render slowly (not user error). All other PC resources appear to be within acceptable performance limits. A test that helped me arrive at that conclusion was to open the problematic floor plan file and bring up a 3d perspective view. Then make the image rotate continuously at a slow pace. At this point the image truncates as it rotates and renders. Next start to scroll t
  2. Yes there are many variables that affect performance of computer devices and software applications alike. But with all things optimized which CA software has the better performance characteristics HD Pro or 8X and is there an appreciable difference between the two software platforms?
  3. Hi David, I agree that the complexity of the plan is likely the reason for the slow 3d rendering response. To verify that I loaded a very simple non complex plan and it runs smoothly while renders in 3d views. So I've likely pushed the limits of what the software can handle in terms of file size and plan complexity. Do you know if there is a software application performance difference between the HD Pro and X8 product lines? That is, would X8 handle large complex files better than the HD Pro product line? Allan
  4. I've been a user of Chief Architect HD Pro versions 2014/2015/2016 and run the application on a high end gaming PC notebook with 16G of memory. Off and on over the last 3 years I've been working on a site development plan. I've noticed as the plan has reached its point of completion in the last 2 months the file has been running progressively slower. The problem became most apparent once the terrain data was adjusted, with the insertion of elevation and section views into the floor plan. The plan is somewhat complex with 3 structures in including a 2 storey house with basement, a de