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    2020 HD Architectural Freezing Issue

    I talked to technical support and they said, "I had our testing department look into this further and it appears that it is freezing somewhere in the graphics card driver. Unfortunately with Macs we don't have any control over the graphics card or what driver it uses. What I might suggest trying is to change the preview display to vector mode and see if that helps. You can do this by clicking on "Toggle Preview Display" at the bottom of the Library Browser (next to your Plant Chooser icon, Show/Hide Selection Panel, etc)." Well after a few days of testing, the freezing does stop when you go into vector mode. However, if you go back into standard preview plane it freezes again. While not a complete solution, it does work and you can use the program again. Attached is the screen shot of where the vector mode is. Hope this helps!
  2. socalgolfg

    2020 HD Architectural Freezing Issue

    Let me know if you hear anything back about your case....At least we're not the only person with this problem, so maybe they will find a solution soon.
  3. socalgolfg

    2020 HD Architectural Freezing Issue

    Hi Everyone, Been a huge fan of home designer over the years, however, with 2020 HD Architectural my program keeps freezing and I have to Force Quit to get it restated. Today alone it froze at least 10 times. After some time, I figured out the program freezes only when I'm using the Library Master. Like if I am searching for a sink, looking to edit a cabinet, etc. I tried to update 2020 with no luck and even tried to reinstall 2020 and that did not work either....Not sure what else to do, has anyone had this issue before? Also I'm using a 2018 MacBook Pro with Mojave Version 10.14.5 incase your wondering. Thanks for your input.