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    Resizing an entire plan

    Thanks David, good points. I was surprised since most of the common design tools we use on computers support this with a simple Ctrl-A + edge drag. I guess with architecture it's slightly different. For sure, I wanted to downsize the square footage, but I wanted all internal walls, doors and windows to scale proportionately. Not just resize the outer left wall to have a very narrow room on the right but all other rooms still the same sizes. In other design tools, there is often even an option to scale the length of a line (read wall) without affecting its thickness. That would have been the perfect solution here, even though the exact thickness of walls isn't of concern to me, as I'm using this just for interior design. And you're right, I would not have wanted appliances, and furniture to scale down with it, only the building's skeleton. It is exactly because furniture currently occupies a bit more space than it would do in real life that I discovered I had the building's scale wrong! But I have decided to redraw the whole thing now. Thanks.
  2. sharevari

    Resizing an entire plan

    Oh! Yeah, 2018 of course. I know it's my mistake to begin with but "no way to scale a plan in any CA product"? That is surprising to say the least, for software that costs several thousand dollars.
  3. sharevari

    Resizing an entire plan

    I have just run into a problem very similar to ScottR's in this post: I've been tracing out our entire office, with walls, internal doors, external and internal windows, the lot. Unfortunately I only just now realised that I made a mistake in the beginning and that the scale is not quite right. A wall that in real life is 7.90m long is only 6.90m long in my plan. So I'm looking for a way to just scale the entire plan up. In one reply to Scott's post above, RobynKS describes a way of doing this by choosing some direction arrows that should appear when selecting an exterior wall, but no such arrows appear for me. Is it a feature of a more expensive version? If I just drag an exterior wall outwards, it does also extend the interior walls perpendicular to it, but no interior scaling is happening. Just to give you some context, I'm attaching a screenshot of the plan as it stands. Do I really have to redraw the entire thing just to change the scale? Thanks --- Chief Architect Home Designer Interiors Version 2008 Build Mac
  4. I am trying to decide whether to get Home Designer Interiors or Suite. The fact that you can do walk-throughs pulls me towards Suite, but one point in the comparison puzzles me: This is one of the only features that exists in Interiors but not in Suite. Does it really mean that I can't add curtains if going for the more expensive version of the program?