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    Attic Help!

    Thank you so much! Worked like a charm!
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    Attic Help!

    Thanks. Just updated signature. To keep things easy I'm using home designer pro 2018
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    Attic Help!

    I'm designing a remodel for existing attic and I can't figure out how to recreate the current conditions. The room has all four walls as exterior walls. two walls are full gabled with a finished ceiling height of 8' The other two walls are 6' with a partial cathedral ceiling with a 7/12 pitch to the finished ceiling. So basically how do I create a 6' wall that then begins a cathedral ceiling for only a four foot run which then transitions to a normal ceiling with a height of 8' I've been fooling around with this for hours and searching the knowledge base and I haven't found anything to re-create this situation. Any suggestions? Thanks