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    Printing and Exporting

    Thank you. Yes, this is exactly what I am on to. I have set up a 17" x 22" sheet (C-size). Now trying to scale to max size of the paper and center on the paper. Yes, the Architect will certainly start with a 'clean sheet'. I just want to be sure I get him as much legible information as I can so it is easier for him. Thanks Mike
  2. mkalavitz

    Printing and Exporting

    Hello, So my primary purpose for this software was to use it to design and layout my small business inside of a new pole barn that I am going to put up this spring/summer. I have laid it all out pretty good and now am going to have a meeting my Architect tomorrow to go over my concept and I would like to give him a hard copy and/or file to take with him. I am wondering the best way to print this in large format so all dimensions, etc. are legible. I am going to call some local print shops (Kinkos/FedEx, OfficeMax or similar) in the morning to see how large they can print. I am hoping for at least 'C' side drawing paper. What and how would you recommend that I set this up for a large scale print such as 'C' size? I would like to set the paper size for 'C' size and window in on the area that I want printed so it is maximized on the paper. Also, what file type would you recommend for a Architect? .DXF? Thanks for the advice. Mike
  3. mkalavitz

    Move building / room on plot plan

    Thank you! I was able to move it using Edit Area and Point-to-Point. thx MK
  4. mkalavitz

    Move building / room on plot plan

    I have been playing with this software and have put together plans to add a pole building to an existing office building on my lot. Before I started drawing, I knew the exact dimensions of my lot and only estimated the position of the existing office building. It was not until today that I received an official survey of the lot which also includes the exact location of the existing office building. Now I want to actually 'position' the existing office building where surveyed and then establish a 25' setback from the pole building to the lot line. But, how in the world can I move the entire building and all of its contents(interior walls, doors, windows, tables, cabinets, etc. etc. etc.) to the exact location that I want? I seems I should be able to select all items and then offset a distance or establish a dimension from the side of the building to the lot line and have everything move. After the office is in the surveyed position, I then need to move the pole building so it is 25' setback from the lot line. I have been playing and can not see an easy way of doing this. I was starting to redo each individual dimension of every wall, door, but there as to be a better way. Please advise. thx Mike
  5. OK, I have updated my Sig. Home Designer Pro 2018 I have looked though knowledge base and looks like I need to create a split level home type of structure. One part with a full basement and one part with a slab. I understand that I need to go to Edit 'Structure' and edit floor and ceiling elevations and heights. But, when I got started on this, I placed the exterior walls, windows, doors, etc. Now, I want to edit the foundation(s). When I try to select the exterior wall, I need to control click each room individually to select all of the rooms in the house in order to represent the foundation. It will not allow me to select the exterior walls only...The values of the ceiling and floor levels/elevations are greyed out. I can not change them. I thought maybe I would need to turn off layers in order to select just the foundation, but, there seems to be no good way of doing this. Is there a way to select just the exterior walls or existing foundation and edit the ceiling/floor structure heights? Still digging and can not find a way. thx MK
  6. where does it tell me the version? X8, X9? I checked the 'about', but I just don't see it. Maybe I am overlooking?
  7. Hello, I am working on my first project with Home Designer Pro. I have purchased the pro plan. I am wondering if someone can give me some basic guidelines or steps to complete what I am trying to do. I am using this software for my personal projects. I have purchased a small office building and am going to add a pole building behind it as a small manufacturing job. It has been really easy to model the existing office building (essentially a 2,800 square foot house with a basement). I am now at the point were I want to add the breezeway off the back of the office building and then the pole building. A couple of questions I have. 1. How do I model the breezeway and pole building that will be 2' lower than the office building. So, there will be a step down and ramp down from the office building main floor into the breezeway. 2. In addition to the above, the breezeway and pole building should be build on a 6" slab. It will not have a basement with walls/footings as the office building does. How to change? Do I build the pole building first and then establish a slab? Or, slab and then build the pole building? 3. The wall height and framing will be different than that of the office building. It will be built from 6"x6" poles on 6' centers, etc. Also, the wall heights will be different. The breezeway wall height will match up to that of the existing office building. Then the pole building will have wall plate height of 12' 6". Customize each wall individually? Or, is there a way to set a standard for a pole building height, lumber, etc.? 4. The pole barn will have a steel exterior. But, this exterior will be 2 tone. That is, there will be a darker color on the bottom 4' and everything above it will have a lighter color. Is there a way to model this 2-tone appearance? 5. The existing office building has an asphalt parking lot. The new pole building will also have an asphalt parking lot installed. How to model this asphalt parking? Thanks a bunch for the advice and guidance! Mike