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  1. serg1964

    Retaining walls

    I think I figured out how to attache the file, see if it works. anyone else, any suggestions? lot test 2.plan
  2. serg1964

    Retaining walls

    Thanks for the respond. Yes that's basically the idea. Don't know how to post the plan, will be more than happy to do it. Using architectural.
  3. serg1964

    Retaining walls

    Hi everyone. Just finished with terrain perimeter and elevations. my terrain goes on a decline from the front to the back. The idea is to build retaining walls where different strucures will sit. I need to have the left side of the retaining wall (as you are looking at it on the picture) to be at ground level and the right side of the retaining wall to be raised as needed. Basically the idea is for all the retaining walls to look just like the two pads in the front of the lot. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  4. That is exactly what happened. I dropped the first floor of all building on the master plan (with a decreasing slop of 22 feet in the back of the lot) the front two buildings at the front of the lot (located one next to the other) are perfectly on the ground, from there towards the back of the lot, all building are suspended in the air. No way to solve this on architectural 2018?
  5. Thanks Solver and David. Yeah I am considering upgrading. but not sure if I,m gonna do it yet
  6. I got all first floors of 5 buildings in the master plan now. Went back to second floor of one of the buildings, went to edit area and and copied second floor. Went to master plan and copy, Edit, and paste holding position. it brings it to the master plan but in a random location. How do I make it go on top of the first floor of the building I want it to go?
  7. Thank you jo ann. I'll try that
  8. Still couldn't figure out how to select all floor
  9. Thank you. I will try that and I will work on my signature later today.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm working on a design in a big lot with 5 structures in it. I separately finish all 5 structure in 5 different files (all 5 buildings are 2 story) Now I need to bring all 5 buildings into a single plan. Currently working with Home Designer architectural 2018. I was able to copy/paste but it only pastes 1st floor. Any way to import each structure complete with fixtures, furniture, etc into a master plan? thank you in advance.